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ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4134-8

Beginning Windows Phone App Development 3rd edition ( source codes. This project contains all the source codes used in Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development 2nd edition Apress release. Also We will add more projects that will help Developers get started with Windows Phone 7 Development.


Required Files

•    Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW (
•    Zune Software (
•    Windows Phone 7 UI Design and Interface Guide (
•    Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Certification Requirements (
•    Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Express (
•    Azure SDK and Azure Tools for Visual Studio (
•    Visual Studio 2010 paid version (Standard and up). Although, Windows Phone 7 SDK will install Free Visual Studio 2010 Windows Phone version it is highly recommended that Visual Studio 2010 Paid version is used.

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